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Italy is a developed country that is among the world’s eight industrialized nations. Italy is located in Southern Europe. Rome is the center of the country. Italy twenty-third most populous country in the world and the fifth most populous country in Europe.
Expressed in this article to discuss schooling in Italy. Pars justice law firm providing immigration advice to your loved ones in Italy and Italy is obtaining permanent residence.

Italy is among the countries that student visa in it’s simplicity. However, the expression of the essential point is that after the end of the period of study in the universities of Italy, due to the hard conditions of obtaining permanent residence in Italy, students are forced to migrate to other countries should or return to your own country!

Note for immigration and permanent residence in the country of destination, is very important. (Pars justice law firm providing services in Italy Admission and student visa in this country is to your loved ones)

University education in Italy is possible in English and Italian. University teaching them the English language is that private universities are generally the relatively high cost of education.

Also for admission to Italian university, students must first submit evidence to the University of the Italian language. Studying in these universities usually very low cost is possible. Italian Language Courses Italian Embassy in Tehran and held that three books entitled (espresso) is taught in these classes.

After getting 90 percent of applicants pass the test of Italian language, can apply for university admissions. (Pars justice law firm providing services in college admissions in Italy and is a permanent resident of Italy to your loved ones.)

However, it is essential to note that the Italian language is the common language that learning it is easily possible.

As well as being an Italian language courses in the College of languages in Italy, they held that the admission of this College is possible usually, however due to the essential point is that obtaining a visa with regard to acceptance of the College is not possible Or in very rare cases happen, because the language of the document on the case that will be presented to the Embassy, ​​the Embassy is convinced to give visa.

Undergraduate students at universities in Italy have the right to work about 10 hours for the hours between 8 and 10 euros can be paid.
Master’s degree in Italian universities as undergraduate teaching is in both English and Italian. Pars justice law firm to provide advice in the field of admission to permanent residence Italy and Europe. The only difference is that students are students at this juncture about the right to work 20 hours a week and can take some of the cost of living and studying their own supply.

PhD study at universities in Italy, like many other European countries, for obtaining scholarships and tuition paid by students as possible. (Pars justice law firm to provide advice on studying in Italy and Visa Europe is to your loved ones.)

However, obtaining scholarships fairly certain conditions, such as having a graduate degree from prestigious universities, having international articles and authored the book, having a degree in English and master the language enough, and eventually attracting the attention of a supervisor to support the thesis presentation by the applicant is at the doctoral level.

PhD students are allowed to work 30 hours a week for work and this could partly cover their living expenses.

Pars justice law firm is to provide advice to study in Italy and Visa Europe to your loved ones.

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